ONKSOR (Korg Kronos WYSIWYG Setlist Organizer)

Version Date Changes
1.0.4 2016/05/24 FIX: Selecting Slots with Arrow Buttons didn't work properly
FIX: Color in Slot List was not updated immediately after Change
1.0.3 2016/03/03 FIX: "Save Changes" Popup was missing in several Cases
FIX: Cancelling "Save Changes" Popup after closing Window with X Button exited Program
1.0.2 2016/01/13 ADD: Print selected Slots with Ctrl-P or right click (for best results avoid automatic word wrapping but insert line feeds)
Option "Merge Slots": Print Slots with same name (ignoring numbers) on one page. Slots with same content are only printed once
ADD: Warning if pasted text is being truncated
FIX: Runtime Error when Autoload fails
FIX: After List Drag and Drop Rename command affected the wrong List
FIX: Multiple Selection of Slots: Deselection was not possible
FIX: Insert/Paste Slot: new name was not visible in Kronos Disk Mode
FIX: Several minor bugs
CHG: Tab order changed, Tab Stop now only at Slot Window, Rename Field and Cmment Field
CHG: OS 1.5 and 1.6 are no longer supported
0.9.6 beta 2015/02/24 ADD: Show new Slot Fonts
ADD: Change Slot Font with Buttons in Toolbar (mutiple Selections allowed)
ADD: Show Slot Color in Slot List
ADD: Change Slot Color with Color Button in Toolbar (mutiple Selections allowed)
ADD: Show new Transpose Info (red if transposed)
FIX: PG crashes in certain situations if no file is loaded
FIX: PG auto open last file doesn't always work
FIX: PG hangs when loosing focus during drag/drop operation
FIX: In some cases more then 512 characters are allowed
CHG: Bigger Slot Comment Window
0.9.5 beta 2014/08/19 ADD New "Pick" button, useful for arranging new Set Lists from various other Lists ( see *1)
ADD: New panel for searching and updating same or similar Slots and comments (see *2)
ADD: New setting "0 Columns" for automatic calculation of the number of visible columns
ADD: New button "Last": go to last selected Slot (works now also across Set Lists)
ADD: New option for searching in all Lists (F3 / Shift F3 moves between search results)
ADD: Drag & Drop Set Lists
ADD: Drag & Drop Slot to other List (hold mouse on target list for about 1 second so that list opens)
ADD: Drop indicator line for Slots and Lists
ADD: Option dialog
ADD: New option for clearing source Slot after dragging to other List
ADD: New option "Autosave" saves the file every 3 minutes in the %TEMP% directory with the prefix "Onksor_Autosave_"
ADD: Scroll List or Slot when dragging object outside of box < br> ADD: Slot copy now works on multiple selections
ADD: Slot Clear/Cut/Insert added (context menu or shortcuts Ctrl-X/Y/T), works also on multiple selections
ADD: Set List Clear/Cut/Copy/Paste/Insert added (context menu or shortcuts Alt-Ctrl-Y/X/T/V) (Attention: Clear deletes all slots in selected List!)
ADD: Set List and Slot Copy/Cut/Paste/Insert now work between multiple program instances (useful for merging file contents)
ADD: Up/Down Buttons now work not only not Slots, but also on Lists
ADD: Added Delete-Key shortcut in addition to Ctrl-X for clearing Slots
ADD: Double click on List or Slot for renaming
ADD: Set List "Go to Last Selected" added (Context Menu or Ctrl-G)
ADD: Save Last selected List and Slot on exit
ADD: Display Active Slot number in front of Slot name
ADD: Donation Button added
ADD: Show right border of comment field
ADD: Compare Set List: „Cross comparition warning“ if there are multiple slots with the same name in one List

FIX: Update File checksum on saving (Kronos displayed an error message when reloading the complete file)
FIX: Delete tab characters from comment on saving (Kronos displayed hieroglyphics for tabs)
FIX: Rename Set List: new name was not visible in Kronos Disk Mode
FIX: Delete tabs in comment field immediately after pasting
FIX: Some other minor bug fixes

CHG: Removed "Sort" and "Comp" buttons (but functions still available via context menu)
CHG: Moved "Autoload last File" option from main screen to option dialog

*1 Pick Button:
Press this Button to enter Pick Mode. In this mode you can collect Slots for your “Pick List” by clicking on the relevant Slots. You can collect Slots from different lists. A chosen Slot changes its color to blue. A second click deselects the Slot. Two other buttons replace the Pick button: “Done” and “Reset”. The number in brackets on the “Done” Button shows the number of selected Slots. Press “Done” after finishing the collection. The Button caption changes to “Paste”. You can now select the starting Slot where the collected data are to be pasted and press this button. Slots are pasted in the same order you collected them. By using the context menu you can also insert the Slots instead of overwriting the targets. After pasting or inserting or pressing “Reset” the Pick List is resetted.

*2 Similar Panel:
The new panel on the right side of the main window shows same or similar Slots. You can choose what you want to see by selecting 5 options at the bottom of the box:
  • Same Name
  • Similar Name
  • Same Comment
  • Similar Comment
  • Same Sound
  • “Similar Name” means the same name ignoring blanks, digits and upper/lower case
    “Similar Comments” means that the number of identic characters (ignoring upper/lower case) exceeds a certain percentage. The order of the characters is not relevant. You can change the default percentage (80) in the options dialog
    If there are yellow or red buttons, you can click on them to copy data of the current selection to the found Slots:
  • If the left button (Slot name) is red (=different) or yellow (=similar), you can click on it to copy the current name.
  • If the middle button (comment) is red (=different) or yellow (=similar), you can click on it to copy the current comment.
  • If the right button (sound) is red (=different), you can click on it to copy the current sound
  • You can double click on a result to go to the selected Slot (Ctrl-B or the "Last" button takes you back)

  • If you want to hide this panel, you can drag its size to a minimum or just click on the middle of its left border (same with the Set List Box on the left side).
    0.9.4 beta 2012/02/28 ADD: Search Function (search in Slot Names or prefix # for search in comments, hits are highlighted)
    ADD: Generate Slot List with comments
    ADD: Goto next/prev highlighted Slot (useful for stepping through search results)
    ADD: Goto last selected Slot (useful for swapping between two Slots)
    ADD: Clear Slot (clears only name)
    ADD: Convert Slot names to a) Upper Case b) First Letter Upper Case c) Sound Name plus Slot Name
    ADD: Shortcuts for focusing Slot name (F2) and Slot comment (F4)
    ADD: All functions and their shortcuts are availabe with context menues
    FIX: Some user Programs did not show the bank name
    FIX: Some other minor bug fixes
    0.9.3 beta 2011/12/30 ADD: Drag & drop slots
    ADD: Edit Set List name (double click or context menu)
    ADD: Added links in About Box
    CHG: Don't scroll Slot List when clicked on rightmost column
    FIX: when copying between different Set Lists new OS user banks references where copied to source list
    FIX: after Save As file name in window caption was not updated
    0.9.2 beta 2011/12/16 FIX: User Combis not correctly displayed
    0.9.1 beta 2011/12/14 First published version